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 At D-Law, our ultimate aim is enabling our clients to make better and validated decisions. We achieve this by bringing decades of civil and criminal records from the courts of Hong Kong to your fingertips and by providing a whole new simplified approach to research and assessments.

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Evaluate with clarity - identify high-risk credit applications, multiple claim activity, list of bankruptcies, and more... 

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About D-Law

The services of D-Law stems from an evolutionary web-based work archive designed by and catered for professionals in the legal, corporate, banking and finance industries. Currently, with searchable access to over 1 million litigation records from the courts of Hong Kong dating as far back as 1990 for civil cases and 2004 for criminal cases - we are positioned as the most comprehensive single-point content management partner and search engine of this nature.

Litigation records are added to our ever-growing database on a daily basis and through our highly user-friendly search engine - our clients are able to efficiently stay connected with the most current and historical case records online from the following courts in Hong Kong:

  • Court of Final Appeal
  • Court of Appeal in the High Court
  • High Court
  • District Court
Relevance of Civil and Criminal Records

Civil Records

At D-Law, civil records are a simple log of the type and date of court case filed as well as the parties involved, and are suitable for those who need to conduct a due diligence review or research of the below nature:

  • Background company information (as filed with the HK Companies Registry at the time of the case) such as addresses, names of directors, shareholders, share structure and value

  • Civil court cases relating to a particular company and/or its directors and shareholders in Hong Kong; and if so, how often and the nature of the claims against them

  • Credit-worthiness of a particular company/party by checking if any case records were made against them by financial institutions, creditors and/or Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong

  • Property and/or addresses to confirm if writs have been issued to a particular company/party, and/or how often writs have been issued to a particular address

So whether you're conducting legal research, screening potential employees or identifying high-risk credit applicants - our specialized service solutions are aimed at making that decision better, clearer and more validated.

Criminal Records

Our criminal records provide a brief description of the parties involved, the ocurt and date of first hearing and the nature of case such as:

  • Theft/Robbery
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Possessing false instruments
  • Wounding with intent
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